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General milling FAQ

Troubleshooting common ordinary milling circuit

Can not be switched

a, whether the fuse burned

b, lines are not connected (from the switch to the motor every loose wires or loose)

c, there is no thermal protection tripping

d, three-phase power is balanced

e, start and stop button has not damaged or stuck

whether f, reversing switch is damaged

Second, the power-burning fuse

a, and various electrical switch box with or without iron

b, whether the phase

c, contacts are not sticky and short circuit

d, reversing switch bad

Third, the machine leakage

a, the machine is grounded (electronic device)

b, check whether the electric iron box

c, Popi touch line whether the shell

d, whether the motor insulation

e, whether the water pump motor terminals (easily cause a short circuit or leakage)

Fourth, the motor current sound

a, high and low speed is reversed

b, the motor high and low resistance is balanced (usually between 10 and 12 ohms)

c, the switch is phase

Five, high, low speed gear direction inconsistencies between

The high and low in the two-phase line can be interchanged

3HP ordinary milling fast running much noise solution

Causes 1: Speed ​​ring gear for a good show, (20 + A57) binders bad combination.

Solution: Refer to the manual re-shift operation.

Causes 2: pulley sleeve (A11) and the pulley cover (A42) with tight pulley shaft recovery less than the original location.

Solution: Adjust the pulley sleeve (A11) and the belt shaft cover (A42) with the gap, so that the free skate with.

Cause Analysis 3: pulley shaft (A20) and the clutch shaft (A57) badly worn tooth bit then angle untrue.

Solution: Replace and adjust the belt shaft (A20) and the clutch shaft (A57) with the gap.

Cause Analysis 4: pulley shaft (A20) and the clutch shaft (A57) different heart.

Solution: Adjust the belt shaft (A20) and the clutch shaft (A57) concentricity.