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Mould processing applications in the life

The main goal is the pursuit of roughing roughing mold material removal rate per unit time, and prepare for the semi-finished workpiece geometry profile. In the cutting process due to the cutting area of ​​the metal layer changes, causes the tool to bear the load is changed, so that the cutting process is unstable, uneven tool wear rate, surface quality decreases.

The current development of a number of cam software available through the following measures to maintain constant cutting conditions, to obtain good processing quality. Constant cutting loads. Obtained by calculating the constant cutting floor area and the material removal rate, the cutting tool wear rate and load balanced to improve tool life and processing quality. Avoid sudden changes in the tool feed direction. Avoid the tool embedded in the workpiece. Such as the processing of the mold cavity, the tool vertically into the workpiece should be avoided, but should be used to tilt the knife way, preferably spiral under the knife to reduce tool load; machining mold core, should try to start with the knife and then the level of external artifacts cut into the workpiece. Cutter cut, cut out the piece should be adopted as tilting (or arc type) cut, cut, cut to avoid vertical cut out.

The latest development is a direct connection from an external computer and CNC machine tools by rs-232c serial port directly for rapid and accurate transmission nc program and an external computer with multiple CNC machine tools have the same or a different control system is connected , information sharing, and can produce more than one process management section CNC machine components within the information, in order to reduce the production preparation, especially the preparation time nc NC program.