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Optional standard machining center

1. Selected to be machined object: to determine the object before the purchase, we must first define the object ready for processing. In general, with the following characteristics parts suitable for use machining center:

. Intensive multi-process workpiece refers to the need for machining a workpiece with a lot of the tools.

. Positioning cumbersome positioning of the workpiece such as a porous pitch precision machining, the use of high-precision machine tool positioning features, easy to implement.

. Repeat production workpiece for machining single and small batch production. Small quantities refers 1-100 pieces, small batch quantities, but need to be repeated production. In addition, even if the shape and size of different parts, but is similar to the work piece, easy to implement a set of processing (GT) craft parts.

. Complex shape mold parts, aviation parts and other complex shape of the workpiece can be processed with automatic programming techniques on various shaped parts machining centers.

2. Machine specifications selected: based on the determined workpiece sizes, determine the required stroke of the corresponding dimensions of the worktable and the three linear coordinates. Table size should ensure that the workpiece thereon smooth workpiece clamping, machining dimensions must be in each coordinate travel, in addition to consider limiting the space and each coordinate ATC interference zone.

3. Precision machine tools selected

4. Magazine capacity selection

Machining center manufacturer for the same specifications of the machine, usually located 2-3 different capacity magazine, for example, horizontal machining center tool magazine capacities of 30,60,80, etc, vertical machining center 16,24,32 The capacity of the magazine.

When a user is selected, the process may be determined according to the analysis result is the desired number of workpiece, usually require one clamping a part in determining the number of tools required capacity of the magazine, as for the other machining parts need to re-arrange the tool, tool management otherwise complex and prone to error.

From the statistical data of vertical machining centers around the choice of 20 knife magazine, horizontal machining centers around the choice of 40 knife magazine is appropriate. Finally, of course, determined according to actual needs. For flexible manufacturing cell (FMC) or flexible manufacturing system (FMS) for machining centers, its magazine capacity should be selected large-capacity magazine, even configure exchangeable magazine.

5. Selected features and accessories of machine selection

When selecting machining centers, in addition to the basic functions and basic parts, as well as providing the user according to their own requirements optional features and accessories, said the selection function, select the attachment (optional accessory). With the development of numerical control technology, more and more content to choose from, which constitute the price in the host in the proportion is growing, it is not clear a large selection of accessories is not the purpose of the economy, the so-called "prepared for" the order thinking sometimes wasted. Therefore set to be a comprehensive analysis of the election, but also to give due consideration to the long-term factors.

Select the main function of the numerical control system for the purposes of that price increase is not much, but it brings a lot of convenient features to use, it should be properly-equipped, and can be more than one machine for common accessory, you can consider more than one machine, but must be considered the interface is generic.

6. Number of units working with the machine beats estimates

According to the workpiece has been selected, then the analysis process route, the route selected in this process in the preparation process of the machining center, beat estimates when these processes workmanship.