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How to fix mold casting defects
Surfacing traditional EDM machine uses high-frequency discharge spark instant principle, after the nickel-based consumables or special consumables ionized moment acting on the workpiece surface, so welding consumables and workpiece metallurgically fused into one. Surface produce minimal heat throughout the welding process. Surfacing traditional EDM machine gun using rotating electrode, wire diameter ranging from 1.6-3.0mm. Suitable for repairing casting defects. Surfacing and traditional EDM machines on the power and discharge frequency settings, can be done to strengthen the surface coating. Can repair steel, copper, aluminum and other metals.
    Advantages: Traditional Surfacing EDM machine easy to install, simple to operate, the general staff with minimal training to operate. Weld reinforcement and high welding parts without annealing, no cracks, no distortion, no internal stress, working hard solder joints will not produce points, relative to the placement machine repair rate is rather quick fix relatively high precision, and can light detection, penetration, tensile and other tests by X. Already accepted and used for numerous casting manufacturers. In addition, mold repair also has use value section.
    Disadvantages: Traditional Surfacing EDM machine slow, 2mm cast iron needs about 3 minutes. Less corresponding consumables, cast iron can only use nickel-based welding consumables (about 300 / kg) high welding costs and consumables usage only reach 80%. The color difference is relatively large, low degree of binding, since the principle is the high frequency discharge, that is, granulation surfacing up, relative to the combined welding is relatively low, non-ferrous metals iron member compact is poor. Finish is not high, smooth for high casting not meet the requirements. Furthermore due to the design principle of traditional cold welding, the power generally about 2000w, internal electronics are exposed in this environment foundry, machine often fail, especially electrode gun (gas and electricity separately, easily damaged), not only a waste of energy for large-scale casting factory repair requirements.