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Details about the machining method and presentation

Vehicle processing: In order to meet the requirements of high-precision positioning gear machining, gear blanks used in all CNC lathe machining, mechanical clamping throwaway tools, implements a fixture under the aperture, face and outside diameter machining synchronization is complete, both ensure the verticality of galvanized steel H bore with the end face of the requirements, but also to ensure the production of large quantities of gear blanks discrete small size. Thereby improving the precision gear blanks, to ensure that the processing quality of subsequent gear. In addition, the high efficiency of CNC lathe also greatly reduces the number of devices, the economy is good.

Roll / Shaper: processing equipment used in the tooth department still uses a lot of common hobbing and slotting machine, although adjustment and easy maintenance, but lower production efficiency, larger capacity if needed to complete the multi-machine production simultaneously. With the development of coating technology, hob, insert the blade again after grinding coated galvanized steel H-beam can be easily carried out after coating the tool can significantly improve the durability, generally increased by more than 90%, effectively reducing the number of tool changes and grinding time, efficiency significantly. Currently, this technology has been promoted in the company.

Shaving: Shaving radial technology for its high efficiency, design tooth, tooth modification request to the advantage of easy to implement, is widely used in high-volume production of automotive gear. Since 1995 the company purchased the Italian company dedicated radial transformation shaving machine since this technology has been applied in a mature, stable and reliable processing quality.

Heat treatment: carburizing automobile gear requirements, design requirements to ensure its good mechanical properties. For heat, grinding teeth are no longer processed products, stable and reliable heat treatment equipment is essential. The company introduced the German labor Easy Company's continuous carburizing production line, get a satisfactory effect of heat treatment.

Grinding: mainly on after finishing the hole gear heat treatment, face, and other parts of the outer diameter of the shaft, in order to improve the dimensional accuracy and geometrical precision. Gear machining fixture clamp using the pitch, can effectively guarantee the mounting base of the tooth portion precision, to obtain a satisfactory product quality.